Golden Bells Academy

Why GBA?

A few reasons why you should choose Golden Bells Academy:


Golden Bells Academy is a beautiful and welcoming building with all facilities for the benefit of the students. Its green spaces are a treat to the eyes. It boasts of a full-fledged infrastructure at various levels including well aerated, lighted and spacious classrooms, e-classrooms, Audio-visual halls, Sports, Transport, richly stocked Library, Science, Math, and Computer labs, staff rooms on every floor, cultural spaces.

  • It follows all disaster management norms seriously and consciously.

  • Housekeeping and Security personnel are selected after careful scrutiny.

All facilities like state of the art, well maintained and equipped washrooms, hygienically maintained water and electricity back up,, medical-inspection room are constitutive part of the school.

Staff & Faculty

Golden Bells Academy has experienced and dedicated teaching staff. The teachers are fully qualified in the subjects that they teach. The core values all the teachers have are of utmost importance.

Teachers at GBA are a group of efficient and concerned individual who are comfortable with using modern technologies such as computers, interactive boards. Projector is also available for seminars and motivational classes.

The key of each member of Parent Teacher association is well defined and engaging. Two way of communication between the school and the parent body helps the school work with more confidence & conviction.

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