Golden Bells Academy

About Us

Golden Bells Academy (GBA) is a Co-Educational school affiliated to CBSE syllabus. Golden Bells Academy is located in Muzaffarnagar,Uttar Pradesh. The school was established in the year 2010 and is managed by Golden Bells Shiksha Samiti, Village & Post-Dhindhawali, (M.nagar) – 251318. Golden Bells Academy is a pioneer educational school. The School aims at catering the educational needs of the children. It is a co-educational institute with English as the medium of instruction. Education lays the foundation for lifelong learning and holistic development. We are committed to integrate Indian values, culture and traditions in the academic transactions. Golden Bells Academy aims at academic excellence by providing need-based quality education to equip the children with pragmatic skills to face the future with renewed confidence and matchless courage.

Students are motivated to augment class room instruction through project work, excursions and trips. English is chosen as the language for communication, Teaching and instruction in the school campus. Moreover, school also instills in students of feeling of universal brotherhood, comradeship, a sense of unity as Indians, patriotic fervor, high moral values, etiquette and manners. We endeavor to create an atmosphere of openness, intellectual curiosity, discipline, humility and a scientific temperament which is essential to the unfettered growth of a young mind.

Teaching Methodology

At Golden Bells Academy we ask ourselves

  • Do we understand our students’ learning styles?

  • Do we give them environment to ask questions?

  • Can they relate to what they are taught?

  • Is learning a joyful and enriching experience for them?

  • Is the classroom experience for them about co-operation and self-esteem?

  • Is our faculty a learner too along with being teachers?

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